Dutschke Tawny Port 22 year old 375ml
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Dutschke Tawny Port 22 year old

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Category Port
Region Australia, South Australia
Brand Dutschke
"The 22 year old Tawny" is a blend of some fantastic individual components. I've been topping up the old base blend with a little more 25-year-old Barossa Grenache, Shiraz and Touriga port and a few other bits and pieces I have lying around. It shows the old Solera system works well, in maintaining our high standard consistently good 22-year-old Tawny. Plenty of rich, rancio, butterscotch flavours and fine drying oak tannins, warm alcohol and fantastic length of flavour.Take one sip and the flavours just last. This wine is truly great stuff!

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