If you snooze, you will lose!

The scramble for great Burgundy is on as never before. Always the most fragile wines and the most limited production, they are the most difficult to know and understand. Your most important task here is to search out reliable advice because even high prices do not guarantee a quality wine.
We have been particularly focused for the past several months on acquiring great Burgundy for you, our customers. Availability of truly good Burgundy is drying up quickly and prices have already begun to follow.
Here are the reasons:

1. Emerging Markets
The relatively new and emerging markets for fine wines in Russia and China, responsible for driving the price of classified growth Bordeaux into the stratosphere, have turned their attention now to Burgundy. Since Burgundy is more difficult to understand and appreciate, the rush to acquire Burgundy will take a little longer. But even as demand from these emerging markets begins to increase, supply is quietly drying up.

2. Low Yields Create High Demand
Burgundy experienced remarkable vintages in 2009 and 2010; however yields were not robust, with the 2010 vintage especially short on supply. Obtaining these wines in any quantity has been virtually impossible as producers hoard their scarce wines and savvy buyers clamor to acquire them.

3. Producer, Producer, Producer
The word on vintage 2011 is that it is very good though not quite up to the general quality of 2010. Yields again were below normal for whites and even lower for reds. Couple that with the fact that there were indeed some wines made that were just not very good and again, insight and selection remain of paramount importance.

4. Difficult Vintages
Sadly, the weather presented Burgundy with another difficult vintage in 2012. Frost early in the spring set the stage for poor flowering and lower yields. Warm weather early in the growing season, followed by cooler weather in summer, saved some vineyards from mildew, but hail events and rain reduced yields further and the resulting crop was again very short.

Vintage 2013 brought more of the same. Erratic weather and a devastating hail storm in the Cote de Beaune in July (which virtually destroyed the crop in Pommard and, my beloved, Volnay) will mean painfully short supply from Burgundy in this vintage, as well.

The message is clear!
If you care about Burgundy and can find the wines that make sense, buy them now! Great Burgundy is evaporating in the marketplace. Prices are higher already and will continue to escalate.
We have a good supply of very good Burgundy, whites and reds, with relationships that will yield a bit more, but time is of the essence. Call us to get yours now and we’ll hold your wine in our warehouse until you direct our delivery.

More arriving every day!
Many, many more Burgundies are in stock and on order including these producers: Faiveley, Dujac, Leroy, Meo-Camuzet, Fourrier, Henri Boillot, Raveneau, Forey, Barthod, Niellon, Grivot, Blain Gagnard, Matrot, Pousse d’Or, Roumier, Bouchard, Domaine de la Romanee-Conti and Dugat-Py.
Call for more information or to discuss wines that best suit your preferences.
Rhonda Black