December 2013

We don’t carry it, unless it’s the best!
We feel it’s our job to find the best of the best out there. We take pride in working for you, our customer, and in doing our homework to sift through the plethora of brands (commercial and artisanal) in order to distill our selection down to the finest products on the market.


“The idea behind imbue started over a birthday dinner in the
Willamette Valley.
Eternal dreamers that we all are, we believed that making and blending the perfect vermouth, was well within our grasp. After months of research and dozens of failed batches using over 60 botanicals, we arrived at a beautifully modern and strikingly delicious recipe fulfilling our desire to make something uniquely different.At imbue we excitedly look to the future while relying on the collective experiences that have brought us here today: together we have 36 years in the restaurant industry, 15 years of bartending experience, 10 years in the wine industry, and 3 years in Portland’s Breweries. This company is a small piece of each of us. We are Derek Einberger, Neil Kopplin, and Jennifer Kilfoil.” (excerpted from
We are singling out Derek Einberger because, not only has he been winemaker for Joseph Phelps and Twomey in California and Domaine Serene and Lemelson in Oregon, he is currently the winemaker for Patton Valley Vineyards, which is a Willamette Valley property that we especially keen on right now!

Considered a health tonic in the 1800s and a part of everyday life in Italy, Amaro has just started to gain momentum here in the States. Thanks to the passioniate pursuit of these elixirs by mixologists and sommeliers. Every Amaro is different and each has its own unique flavor profile however, the classic descriptors are: herbal, medicinal, earthy, orange peel, cardamom, clove. It is silky-sweet like a liqueur with a lingering bitter note (the degree of bitter and sweet varies with each producer). It is best enjoyed after dinner as a digestif, properly called digestivo in Italy. The carminative herbs truly help to ease the tummy after an overindulgent meal.

Based on the orginal recipe of 1815, this is an exclusive blend of fair trade herbs and roots sourced from all over the world. The predominant flavors come from sweet Sicilian oranges, bitter oranges from Curaçao, star anise and cardamom. Ramazzotti pours a viscous, deep mahogany and has aromas of clove, anise, orange peel with a touch of homemade root beer. The palate is full bodied, with a pleasantly balanced bittersweet aftertaste. Purists will tell you that Amari should be enjoyed neat, but we prefer Ramazzotti on the rocks with a splash of artisanal Ginger ale and an orange peel.

Braulio was developed by the botanist Dottore Francesco Peloni in 1875 and hails from the mountain region of Bormio in Lombardy, Italy. Created in accordance with a closely-guarded family recipe, Braulio is made with thirteen fresh herbs sourced from the Valtellina mountain region, including gentian, juniper, peppermint, star anise, wormwood, bitter orange and yarrow. Braulio Amaro leads the premium amaro category and is unique from other Amari in that it is made from a grape based spirit and aged for two years in neutral oak barrels. The resulting amaro is light with a strong aromatic profile and a more bitter than sweet palate. OK, the purists are right about this one, enjoy it simply on the rocks.