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Schloss Gobelsburg

Schloss Gobelsburg

Schloss Gobelsburg
When Stift Zwettl, a Cistercian monastery, was founded by Earl Hadmar I of Kuenring in 1137 the monks were bestowed with forrests and land around Zwettl in the heart of Waldviertel as well as with vineyards and arable land in Kammern near Langenlois and the rivers Kamp and Danube. The oldest known vineyard in the region is mentioned in this deed of donation, i.e. the Allerheiligenstiftung. As said, in 1740 the estate Gobelsburg was also incorporated by Stift Zwettl. 1784 the two estates, Kammern and Gobelsburg, were merged and have operated as Schloss Gobelsburg Weingut des Zisterzienser Stiftes Zwettl since. Gobelsburg has developed to one of the major and most distinguished wine-makers of Austria. After World War II and the Soviet occupation (hence, no vintage wine before that time!) Father Bertrand Baumann managed Schloss Gobelsburg such that the importance and reputation of the winery could be restored swiftly and fully and the chateau could be nicely renovated. Then he served as Abbot of Stift Zwettl from 1980 until 1994 when he resigned due to age. "Altabt" Father Bertrand is still proudly and joyfully inspecting vineyards and cellars here. In consequence of Cistercian tradition Father Bertrand introduced the "Burgundy vine" Pinot Noir to the region achieving outstanding results in spite the fact that viticulture and vinification of Pinot Noir is more complex and difficult as with most other grape varieties. Another famous speciality of the winery is the Gobelsburger Messwein (altar wine), a light and crisp Gruener Veltliner that is being produced in strict accordance to ecclesiatical regulations concerning vineyard and cellar techniques, i.e. organically sensitive work in the vineyards, no chaptalization or additives.
Schloss Gobelsburg Riesling Heiligenstein 2013

Schloss Gobelsburg Riesling Heiligenstein 2013

we 93
ws 93
Almost exotic fruit flair, practically leaps from the glass with pineapple and Williams pear, incredibly penetrating and fine-pored, spirited, indeed peppery; multilayered extracted sweetness, smooth texture and elegantly drawn, long very racy finish, an exemplary Riesling from the Kamptal with a long life to look forward to!  more


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Schloss Gobelsburg Gaisberg Riesling 2012

Schloss Gobelsburg Gaisberg Riesling 2012

Cask sample: At first a bit closed. But with a little bit of air, the wine quickly opens to release scents of orange peel, pineapple and a pleasant exotic note. Subtle undertones of yellow fruit - including slightly stewed apricots - and hazelnuts. Supple and round, and will age nicely.  more


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